6-Inch Sealed, Leak Resistant Carrier

For the safe transport of hospital laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals and other liquid contents through pneumatic tube systems, Atreo developed a single-latch, end-opening, 6-inch sealed carrier. The end-opening design makes loading contents and closing the lid’s single latch easy and efficient. This reduces potential for over-stuffing contents and sending an unlatched carrier through the dispatcher, which could lead to system failure and costly downtime.


  • Energy-Absorbent Rubber Ends for Strength, Quite Delivery and Vertical Standing
  • Leak Resistance for Secure Transport of Lab Specimens, IV Bags and Other Fluid Contents
  • Long-Lasting Slide Bands
  • Contoured Finger Slots for Comfortable Gripping
  • Colored-End Choices and Clear Body for Easy Content Identification

First single-latch, end-opening, 6-inch sealed carrier for safe pneumatic tube system transport of hospital laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals, liquids

View a larger image of Atreo’s 6-inch sealed, leak resistant carrier.

Each Atreo carrier comes with a replacement and repair program covering latches, slide bands and carrier body integrity.

Atreo delivers a real choice for leak protection and reliable, long-life performance—at a reasonable price.