Carrier Liners and Inserts for 4-Inch and 6-Inch Pneumatic Tube System Carriers

Atreo offers liners and inserts that protect patient-critical items, such as lab samples, blood specimens and medications that are sensitive to agitation and breakage–providing the extra measure of protection and suspension required for safe pneumatic tube transport.


  • Durability for Long-Life Performance
  • Compatibility with Common Brand-Name 4-Inch and 6-Inch Carriers
  • Reduced Potential for Hoarding with Unique Adhesive that Bonds Liner with Carrier
  • Very Attractive Pricing Options

Atreo liners and inserts protect patient-critical items for safe pneumatic tube transport and are compatible with common brand-name 4-inch, 6-inch carriers.

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Atreo liners are made of a highly durable synthetic material that is resistant to tears or frays, unlike standard foam. This rugged material is also resistant to stains and can be quickly disinfected. Learn more about Atreo liners and inserts and our unique purchase programs.