Why is Atreo a better choice for service if current tube system provider does everything Atreo does? Service by original supplier: Advantages, Disadvantages



Learn about Atreo Services: Offerings, Leadership, Expertise, Career opportunities | Expertise: Pneumatic tube systems, Waste collection, Linen transportAtreo Services is a Denver, Colorado-based company that provides nationwide maintenance programs, onsite service and lifetime support programs for hospitals with automated material transport systems—particularly pneumatic tube systems and automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems. Learn more about us.
Discover why Atreo Services = Smartchoice: Customized pneumatic tube system support programs; Automated waste, recycling, soiled linen system maintenanceThe reason Atreo is in business is to provide hospitals and other organizations with material transport systems a choice for ongoing preventive maintenance, service and support, other than the original system manufacturer. Atreo can provide the individual attention of knowledgeable, experienced technicians at reasonable pricing options. Learn more about why us.
See FAQ for Atreo’s pneumatic tube system accessories: Carriers, Station bin liners, Carrier inserts, Liners | Only Atreo delivers a carrier repair program.Atreo offers complete service and support programs for hospital pneumatic tube systems and automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems. These include support agreements (SAs), onsite/resident technicians, on-demand service, training classes and pneumatic tube system station relocations.

Atreo offers a wide variety of spare parts. Atreo also provides 4-inch and 6-inch pneumatic tube system carriers, station bin liners, carrier liners and inserts.

Atreo provides preventive maintenance, pneumatic tube station relocation, parts replacement, resident technicians, operational contracts, training classesAtreo has experienced tube system technicians and service professionals in strategic locations, nationwide, to identify your problem, recommend an effective solution and complete all repairs or required service to your satisfaction—at a fair price.

Atreo provides maintenance agreements; parts programs; training, tube system station relocation; service of waste, recycling and soiled linen systemsAtreo specializes in automated waste, recycling and soiled linen system preventive maintenance, service and ongoing support. We provide timely, courteous and professional service, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. Atreo offers scheduled preventive maintenance, spare parts inventory, system upgrades and enhancements, and a variety of customized service programs. Atreo is affiliated with TransVac Solutions, so our team includes experts in waste, recycling and soiled linen systems.
Atreo is the service arm of TransVac Solutions, the leading provider of automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems in North American hospitals.Atreo is affiliated with TransVac Solutions, the leading provider of automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems for hospitals. Atreo is the service arm of TransVac and provides complete service and support to all of its systems worldwide. Atreo works hand-in-hand with TransVac to ensure its automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems maintain peak performance.

Using your original pneumatic tube system supplier has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Does my provider try to sell me an upgrade to fix a problem that might not require one?
  • How often have I been contacted by my original supplier to see how my system is doing?
  • How much am I spending on service? … Am I getting my money’s worth?
  • Are they listening to my concerns? Or are they trying to sell me something I don’t want and may not need?
Personalized service, attention to customer needs and quality—at a fair price—are key values that set Atreo Services apart. - Dennis McWherter, PresidentAtreo’s approach to service is to solve your problems quickly and effectively, at a reasonable price. We listen and we resolve your problems.

Get service you expect, value you deserve. Atreo Services contactinformation: Phone numbers; Email, Street address | Talk with us now about your challenge.Call us toll-free at 844.819.5897. Or email us at service@atreoservices.com. We look forward to talking with you!