Personalized Pneumatic Tube Systems Service & Support

Pneumatic Tube Systems Service & Support

Comprehensive Service, Support and Maintenance Specialists for

  • Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems

  • Automated Waste, Recycling and Soiled Linen Collection

  • Transport Solutions for North America

A Lifetime Partnership Begins By Solving Your Problems Today!

World-Class Service for Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems, Waste Collection and Transport Solutions

Atreo Services strives to deliver peace of mind, transparency and an excellent return on investment for your hospital pneumatic tube system and automated waste removal solution with personalized, world-class support and maintenance services. We approach service as a partnership with hospitals by developing close, personal relationships that are carefully maintained for the long-term. We build our service programs around long-term functionality and operational efficiency aimed at delivering confidence for clinical users and those responsible for maintaining these systems. In doing so, we return time to caregivers to focus on quality patient care and patient satisfaction. Our goal is to help keep hospitals safe and running smoothly.

Prevent Tomorrow’s Crash

Learn more about our personalized and comprehensive, all-inclusive preventive maintenance agreement for your pneumatic transport system.

Down and Out, or Just Slow?

Maybe your pneumatic tube system needs a little TLC. Let us audit your pneumatic transport system and suggest ways to improve performance like when it was new.

Remodeling Makeover?

Need to relocate your pneumatic tube system stations? We’re experts on the subject. Give us a call or email us today.

Moving Hospitals Forward

Atreo Services is a member of the Atreo Group of companies. Atreo Group unifies three companies – Aerocom Healthcare, TransVac Solutions and Atreo Services—with a combined 100+ years of helping hospitals meet their goals in cost reduction, increase efficiency and better patient care through state-of-the-art pneumatic transport solutions.

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You Asked, We Answered!

Why is there a need for Atreo Services?

Our company was born from a recognized need for timely service and support from professionals with the right tools and expertise in the specialized field where our sister companies, TransVac Solutions and Aerocom Healthcare, have years of experience designing and installing pneumatic transport solutions. Learn more about why us.

What products and services does Atreo Services provide?

Atreo Services offers complete service and support programs for hospital pneumatic tube systems and automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems. These include support agreements (SAs), onsite/resident technicians, on-demand service, training classes and pneumatic tube systems station relocations.

How does Atreo Services resolve my ongoing pneumatic tube systems issues?

Atreo Services believes that most problems can be identified and resolved through proactive system maintenance, preventing most before they occur and significantly decreasing the need for emergency repairs. Read more about how Atreo Services gets ahead of the curve.

Our hospital has a vacuum-powered automated waste and soiled linen system that’s out-of-service. Can Atreo Services restore it?

Yes, Atreo Services specializes in automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems preventive maintenance and on-demand service. Our people are knowledgeable of your system and our goal is to build a long-term partnership through open, accurate and honest communication and a focus on solving your operational challenges. Have an out-of-service automated waste and linen system? Contact us today, we can help!

What’s the relationship between Atreo Services and Atreo Group?

Atreo Services is one of three companies that comprise Atreo Group, a company that focuses on designing, installing, and supporting products and services that help the healthcare industry deliver better financial performance and patient care. Atreo Group companies include TransVac Solutions, the leading provider of automated waste, recycling and soiled linen collection and transport solutions for hospitals; Aerocom Healthcare, provider of leading-edge pneumatic tube systems for hospitals; and Atreo Services.

What makes Atreo Services a better choice for service if my pneumatic tube systems provider does everything that Atreo Services does?

Using your original pneumatic tube systems supplier has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Does my provider try to sell me an upgrade to fix a problem that might not require one?
  • How often have I been contacted by my original supplier to see how my system is doing?
  • How much am I spending on service? … Am I getting my money’s worth?
  • Are they listening to my concerns? Or are they trying to sell me something I don’t want and may not need?

Atreo Services’ approach to service is to solve your problems quickly and effectively, at a reasonable price. We listen and we resolve your problems.

Who do I talk with to learn more about Atreo Services?

Contact Atreo Services today, call us toll-free at 844.819.5897, or email us at service@atreoservices.comWe look forward to talking with you!

Illustration of Pneumatic Tube System
The Aerocom pneumatic tube system features a unique Pass-Thru technology that requires less pipe while delivering greater efficiency in materials and carrier travel distances.