Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems Service Programs

Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems Service







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Atreo Services has created a suite of services specifically designed to support hospital pneumatic tube systems and automated waste & linen collection systems.

Inclusive Maintenance Contracts

Atreo Services offers comprehensive maintenance agreements that include preventive, routine, and on-demand (reactive) service, technical support and training, particularly with Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Systems and TransVac Automated Waste & Linen Collection Systems. Atreo Services can assist hospitals with pneumatic tube systems and automated waste & soiled linen systems provided by other manufacturers. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Pneumatic Tube Systems Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

We build our service agreements on a foundation of thorough, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. Proactive maintenance lengthens the life of your system and decreases downtime. A regularly scheduled maintenance program includes:

  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Component inspection for wear and tear
  • Parts replacement
  • Review signs of improper use and educate users
  • Solicit feedback from maintenance staff
  • Training and targeted re-training
  • Routine maintenance for TransVac systems

Emergency Service

Even the best preventive maintenance can’t prevent every problem. When issues arise, Atreo Services will respond with:

  • 24/7/365 phone support
  • Timely emergency repairs
  • Preparation aimed at first time fixes
  • Spare parts inventory management
TranVac Solutions How Automated Waste Removal Works

Documentation & Reporting

We recognize that all of our actions are most useful when undertaken with complete transparency. Our technicians document all activities in a logbook, allowing you to hold us accountable to our contract and to provide a record that is a valuable troubleshooting tool. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our world-class hospital service programs.

Pneumatic Tube Systems Audits and Consulting

Hospital pneumatic tube systems often experience degradation due to poor maintenance, mechanical or software upgrades that create new maintenance problems, or an increase in system usage that exceeds original equipment design. The end result is an underutilized system due to low user confidence. Atreo Services will work with you to quantify your performance issues and offer consultation to help improve system performance. Concerned about system performance? Let us help you.

Pneumatic Tube System in Lab

Station Relocations & Additions

Consider Atreo Services if your hospital is planning an expansion, renovation or remodel requiring the relocation of pneumatic tube system stations, or loading stations for automated waste, recycling and soiled linen systems. Atreo Services has completed station relocation projects for a number of hospitals throughout the U.S. Contact us to discuss your project.

Material Handling Automation Systems Upgrades

We are committed to working closely with you to maximize the useful life of your pneumatic tube system, or automated waste, recycling & soiled linen collection and transport system. This includes short-term upgrade planning specifically targeted to improve system performance and functionality, and long-term upgrade planning to help the hospital budget for upcoming capital expenses. Whether your system needs a few minor tweaks or a complete overhaul, we can help you plan your investment to achieve maximum effectiveness. Contact us to upgrade your material handling automation today!

Spare Parts and Parts Replacement

Atreo Services is the source for parts for Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Systems and TransVac Automated Waste & Linen Collection Systems. In addition to replacement parts offered on an as-needed basis, we can provide recommendations for commonly-used spare parts to keep on-hand in order to minimize system downtime. Contact us to see if we have the part(s) you need.